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Thursday, April 23, 2015. Glass Blasting Media is quickly becoming a direct replacement for many sandblasting abrasives. Made from crushed recycled glass bottles it is silica free and great for the environment. We have receently added new locations and can now economically ship into Idaho and Wyoming, as well as Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois.

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Tungsten Carbide Short Nozzle with Aluminium Jacket AIRBLAST Airblast Blast Nozzles AT(L) The AT(L) range comprises of Tungsten Carbide lined short venturi nozzles with Aluminium Jackets. Tungsten Carbide is the liner material of choice for the majority …

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Tungsten carbide nozzles are the most commonly used nozzles in the sandblasting / abrasive blast cleaning industry. They are tough and are best suited for use in harsh work site conditions. Tungsten carbide nozzles are economical and work well with most abrasives.

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Product Type Air Jet Nozzle/Jet Material Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Inside Diameter (Inch) 1/8 Product Compatibility ECONOLINE 12 CFM Blast Gun Assembly View Product Sandblasting Air Jet 08272015 -

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Find great deals on eBay for tungsten sandblasting nozzle. Shop with confidence.

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Find great deals on eBay for tungsten blast nozzle. Shop with confidence.

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Abrasive Blast Nozzles Kennametal Delivers Value with Abrasive Blast Nozzles Kennametal is a leading manufacturer of blast nozzles and related flow control devices for contractor abrasive blasting in the construction industry, and for suction and pressure blast cabinets in the manufacturing industry.

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Tungsten Carbide Sandblasting Nozzle If you are looking to save money on Sandblasting Nozzles, try one of these! I began sandblasting a few years ago and purchased what were sold to me as carbide nozzles. I paid $45.00 a piece. They would last me 1-2 months.

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All Short Venturi BlastOne offers an assortment of tungsten carbide short venturi sandblast nozzles for the commercial and industrial blast professional. Venturi nozzles increase productivity by increasing the velocity in which the abrasive and air exit the nozzle's end.

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6 Blast Nozzles BLASTMASTER® TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BRASS POLY NOZZLES Part Numbers BLASTMASTER® TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BRASS POLY NOZZLES Size Orifice Size Nozzle Entry Thread Size Overall Length Jacket Material Thread Material Liner Material Nozzle Type 10TC3BP 3 3/16" 1" 1-1/4" 4-3/8" Polyurethane Brass Tungsten Carbide Long Venturi

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- 12 CFM, Tungsten Carbide, for Econoline Blast Gun Assembly. Part #: 00223941 Mfr Part #: 410201 | Write the first review. Reviews Specs. Product Type Nozzle ... tungsten sandblasting nozzles. air jet nozzle. air gun nozzle. pneumatic jet nozzle. high nozzle tip. Similar Items.

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Tungsten Carbide Nozzles for many brands of Sandblasting guns online at Big A's Place. Call 616-741-9237

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Long Answer: The three most popular materials used today for blast nozzles are Tungsten Carbide, Boron Carbide, and Silicon Carbide. Boron Carbide nozzles are the hardest of the three, followed by Silicon Carbide, and then by Tungsten Carbide. Hardness is necessary to order to withstand the wear and tear that the blast nozzle liner will be exposed to by the abrasive used.

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For vapor abrasive blasting, the most commonly-used nozzle orifice sizes range from 3/8" inner diameter to 3/4", increasing by increments of 1/16". A 3/8" nozzle is sufficiently constricted to produce a effective blast pressure with a 185 CFM compressor. A 1/2" nozzle is sufficient to produce an effective blast pressure with a 375 CFM compressor.

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All Nozzles BlastOne is a leading supplier of sandblast nozzles to industrial blast and paint companies worldwide. Our team is able to recommend the best nozzle for your application whether you seek long lasting sini silicon nitride nozzles with a tough polyurethane jacket, tungsten carbide nozzles lasting 100-250 hours, standard silicon carbide or even alumina blast nozzles.

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Clemco Sandblast Nozzle $ 124.00 – $ 444.00 To select a blast nozzle you should consider the material which impacts how long it lasts, the size (bigger nozzles require more air but will give you more production) and the style (venturi nozzles are more efficient).

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Standard ceramic nozzle works with most blast media. Optional tungsten carbide nozzles last longer than ceramic nozzles in most applications; Optional boron carbide nozzles easily handle aggressive abrasives; BNP gun accepts assorted air jet and nozzle sizes to …

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Tungsten carbide nozzles for lindsay style sandblasters. Cone shaped 3-3/4 inch long 1-1/8 inch diameter on the big end. All online.

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Shop online at for sandblasting nozzles. We are an authorized reseller of Kennametal sandblasting products. We offer sandblast nozzles, sandblaster inserts, sandblasting accessories, wet sandblasting supplies, and more.

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Tungsten Carbide nozzles are very popular in today's abrasive blasting marketing. These nozzles are much harder than the traditional ceramic nozzles and are a great choice for harder cutting and more aggressive abrasives like coal slag or other mineral abrasives.

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If you blast clean anything check our site we may have a replacement part for you.Our Sand blasting nozzles and inserts are available in different wear materials ceramic (alumina), tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide.

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Tungsten carbide wide throat (wide entry) long venturi nozzles. All of our wide throat nozzles are designed to be used with 1-1/4" I.D. blast hose. These nozzles have a 1-1/4" entry in a flanged design, standard 1-1/4" threaded design or 50mm 2 – 4-1/2 UNC thread.

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Tungsten carbide is a very strong material, which is ideal for the use in blast nozzles, abrasive resistant and flexible against light impacts for example on construction sites. The rubber curtain gives an additional impact protection to the liner and extends the lifetime of the blast nozzle.

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UBestNozzles are made of Tungsten Carbide, Boron Carbide and Ceramic. These nozzles can be used for dry sand blasting. We offer carbide blasting nozzles for sandblasters to use with a variety of nozzle Jacket and threads. Carbide blast cleaning nozzles are supplied with blast …

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Blast Nozzle No.7 Tungsten Carbide DV on Airblast Australia | The double venturi offers a 35% larger blast pattern than a standard long venturi with only a…

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Our abrasive blast nozzles are backed by outstanding customer service and technical support. Count on these styles of abrasive blast nozzles in the harshest environments. Our unique family of tungsten carbide, boron carbide, SiAlON and ROCTEC® composite carbide nozzles offer exceptional wear resistance and unmatched performance.

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These Tungsten Carbide lined blast nozzles are for hoses with a 3/4" inner diameter (ID). A hose with a 3/4" ID requires a 3/4" entry nozzle paired with a nozzle holder to accommodate a 1 5/16" outer diameter (OD) hose.

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The Blastmaster® Tungsten Carbide Brass Poly Nozzle is offered in 1" entry and 1-1/4" wide-entry for increased production. Blast Nozzle Selector *Select from …

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The tungsten carbide venturi sandblasting nozzle with nylon jacket is suitable for use in most open blast and blast room applications. It features a nylon and polyurethane outer jacket and 1-1/4″, 11-1/2″ N.P.S.M. brass threads.


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Tungsten carbide nozzle is one of most popular and economic abrasive blast nozzles now in surface technology. Its productivity in the most demanding environments. UBestNozzle is a leading manufacturer of blast nozzles and related flow control devices for contractor abrasive blasting in the construction industry, and for suction and pressure ...

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XLBC Boron carbide sandblasting nozzles are a great choice for increasing productivity. Here are some XLBC advantages:: L ight weight, only weighs between 2.75 lbs. & 3.00 lbs (approx.) depending on size & thread configuration. U sing boron carbide as liner material gives Superior wear properties when compared with Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Nitride/SiALON, Silicon Carbide.

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This is a sandblast nozzle, tungsten carbide 14cfm . Tungsten carbide is the toughest nozzle we offer. It outlasts hardened steel and ceramic. Online quotes. This is a sandblast nozzle, tungsten carbide 14cfm . Tungsten carbide is the toughest nozzle we offer. ... Sandblasting Safety; Troubleshooting;

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Find quliaty tungsten carbide nozzles from Sand blasting nozzle supplier, there are lots of types of blaster nozzles for you to select online.

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Looking for carbide blast nozzle factory direct sale? You can buy factory price carbide blast nozzle from a great list of reliable China carbide blast nozzle manufacturers, suppliers, traders or plants verified by a third-party inspector. Source with confidence.

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The TLVE line of long venturi nozzles is our best selling and most widely used type of nozzle for industrial blasting applications. Its tungsten carbide construction provides for hours of consistent use and a significant increase in lifespan when compared to ceramic and steel nozzles.

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With blast nozzles, it is the composition of the liner material that determines its resistance to wear. Tungsten carbide is one of the most commonly used materials because it offers the best value when compared to other materials.