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Erodex - The Leading Edge. Erodex (UK) Limited has for many years, due to the unsurpassed quality of its graphites and the excellence of its "state-of-the-art" machine shop, been at the forefront of the EDM industry. Erodex specialises in areas including graphite machining, EDM wire, EDM wire …

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Welcome to XACT Wire EDM. We are a leading nationwide provider of premier wire EDM and small hole EDM machining services. Xact is one of the largest wire EDM shops in the country.

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Since the EDM process does not require force, you can use very long electrodes to make extremely intricate ribs. If you have a difficult recessed cut to make Wire EDM is an ideal process. It can be used to make fixtures, collets and jet engine blade slots, mold cooling ribs and reinforcing ribs.

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Electrode wire (2) for the electric discharge method (EDM) having a metallic core wire (21), characterized by: a crystalline zinc oxide (ZnO) coating layer (22) which surrounds the metallic core wire (21) and has a cubic crystal structure and a hexagonal crystal structure.

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At EWT/3DCNC, EDM wire is our business. Faster cutting and better accuracy. Brass, zinc, coated, and tungsten wire. Read More! ... • EDM Wire • EDM Electrodes • EDM Replacement Parts • EDM Resin • EDM Filters. Contract Machining • EDM • Jig Grinding • High Speed Machining

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Application: for EDM Electrode on chuck. mount electrodes and workpieces up to 25mm. On CNC sinker EDM machine center processing EDM electrode for mould industry. For clamping the largest 20mm EDM brass or graphite electrode. Mount: With bolts or clamps. Repeatability: 0.002mm, used on system 3R perfectly

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the EDM wire electrode is contained in gaseous envelope (plasma).The plasma eventually collapses under the pressure of the dielectric fluid. The liquid and the vapor phases created by the melting and/or vaporization of material are quenched by the dielectric fluid to form solid debris. This process is

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Wire EDM – Doing What Others Cannot. Also known as Wire burning or cutting, Wire Electrical Discharge Machining uses a thin wire electrode (0.005″–0.010″ in diameter) made from brass or copper to cut conductive material along a pre-programmed path.

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Electrical Discharge Machining, EDM is one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for creating complex or simple shapes and geometries within parts and assemblies. EDM works by eroding material in the path of electrical discharges that form an arc between an electrode …

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Welcome t o Electrodes, Inc... In this site you will find all Sinker EDM products and Wire EDM products. Browse by categories found in the left hand side menu or search by keyword by using the search box in the header.

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EDM Consumables. A full range of EDM consumables including Stammcut wires, Filters, Ion Exchange resin, Brass & Copper tubes, Carbide tube & rod, Copper & Copper Tungsten bar and Wear Parts including Diamond guides, Ceramic guides, Water nozzles, Power feeds, seals and many other parts.

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Wire EDM. Wire EDM uses a traveling wire electrode (usually .010" diameter or smaller) that goes through the workpiece. The wire, in this case, is controlled by computer following the assigned geometry for the part to be produced.

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Wire EDM. Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional machining process that uses electricity to cut any conductive material precisely and accurately with a thin, electrically charged copper or brass wire as an electrode.During the wire EDM process, the wire carries one side of an electrical charge and the workpiece carries ...

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There are two major types of EDM, Wire EDM and Sinker EDM (sometimes called Ram or Conventional EDM). The main difference between the two is the type of electrode used. Wire EDM, as its name suggests, uses wire as the electrode. Certain parts can only be produced using sinker EDM, which, unlike wire EDM, does not cut all the way through the part.

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Milco Wire EDM is a job shop with a full complement of small hole, wire, and sinker EDM machines, supported by water jet cutting and CNC machining. Milco Wire EDM is a jack-of-all-trades machine shop, but it has always specialized in electrical discharge machining.

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Feb 12, 2014· It is completely possible to Wire EDM a graphite electrode, but you will need to use a high grade / high quality electrode material. The preference would be to use POCO 3 type, with is a fine grain graphite material.

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EDM Wire to our premium quality SUNFIL brand EDM filter cartridges, Advanced EDM is the simplest and most cost effective way to purchase your EDM supplies and consumables. EDM Drill Supplies We carry a complete line of ultra-precision EDM hole popper tube electrodes.

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Novotec provides EDM supplies and consumables: wire, electrodes, filters, resin, graphite, tubes, maintenance products and wear parts. Novotec designs, manufactures, stocks and sells high quality EDM …

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Wire EDM machine uses a metallic wire (electrode) to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. In the machining area, each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece (material removal) and an impact on the tool (wear of the tool/electrode).

EDM Electrodes, EDM Consumables - EDM Supplies | EDM Plus offers 1,068 wire edm electrode products. About 6% of these are other metals & metal products, 5% are copper wire, and 1% are welding rods. A wide variety of wire edm electrode options are available to you, such as brass wire, electrode block.

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The EDM process is highly predictable, often continuing for many hours without intervention. Electrode wear is also predictable during the burning process, and electrode tool changers greatly extend the unattended EDM process, resulting in lower costs. Carlson technicians use this productivity tool whenever the EDM conditions warrant.

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Cobra Cut B Wire - .012 dia. 35lb Spool (DIN200) Sale. Stammcut V 500 Wire - .010 dia. 17.5lb Spool

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EDM Wire Sabre Cut SC-1. Sabre Cut SC-1 is a premium material offering the highest tensile strength in the Industry for brass. SC-1 is a highly cleaned non-paraffin coated providing smooth transition over guides and contact parts. Properties. Sabre Cut SC-1; EDM Metallics. MWI offers a full compliment of metallic electrode materials and sizes ...

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At EWT/3DCNC, EDM wire and consumables is our business. We stock wire, filters, resin, repair parts, small hole electrodes, graphite, copper tungsten and much more. Our EDM Consumables Division has over 45 years experience with EDM. Call EWT/3DCNC for all of your EDM consumable needs.

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The selection of EDM wire used to be easy as there were only a few choices; copper or brass. Today, there are more electrode choices for wire EDM than there are for sinkers. We have economy and utility-grade wires, wires for speed, wires for carbide and PCD's, wires for tapering, and fine-wire machining.

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SP wire is a hybrid electrode micro EDM wire consisting of a high-strength core and a highly-conductive outer shell, combining the advantages of tungsten-wire electrodes and brass-wire electrodes. This is achieved by applying our many years of experience in fine wire technology and metal plating skills.

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EDM Supplier Belmont is the worlds most advanced and largest distributor of POCO graphite and OKI wire. We supply the finest Su

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Ram EDM uses spark erosion to remove metal along the surface of a formed electrode. One disadvantage of RAM electrical discharge machining is the mess it can make in your shop. Graphite electrodes can make your shop full of graphite dust, so it's advised to use filtration systems.

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Though web-, y-, and wire insert-type electrodes are all generically referred to as multi-channel electrodes, electrodes inserted with other electrodes are the most common variant, and are usually what people mean when they say, "multi-channel electrode."

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EDM is an acronym for electrical discharge machining, a process that uses a controlled electrical spark to erode metal. EDM electrodes include components made from brass, copper and copper alloys, graphite, molybdenum, silver, and tungsten.

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Buy EDM Electrodes here. Brass, Copper, Carbide, Copper Tungsten, Silver tungsten. Single, Twin and Multi Core types available.

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EDM Specialists Founded in 1985, F/M EDM specializes in wire, sinker and small hole electrical discharge machining work. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a metal cutting process that uses electricity to "burn" away small bits of material until the desired dimensions are achieved.

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A more in-depth look at wire and high-speed small hole EDM. What is EDM? A Brief History. The acronym EDM is derived from Electrical Discharge Machining. The EDM process we know today started with the observations of Joseph Preistly in 1770. He noticed that electrical discharges had removed material from the electrodes in his experiments.

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EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a non traditional metal machining process that uses spark erosion to remove material from the workpiece. An electrical discharge (spark) is created between an electrode which is usually a wire, and the piece to be machined.

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K. Wire EDMing Metallic and Graphite Electrodes Some believe wire EDMing metallic electrodes is efficient, whereas wire EDMing graphite electrodes is inefficient. However, in recent years the cutting speeds of wire EDM have increased, making it in some cases to be economical for machining graphite electrodes.

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In an EDM machine, a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, the tool-electrode and the workpiece-electrode, creates tiny plasmas zones that melt and remove material. Electrodes in an EDM machine consist of highly conductive and/or arc erosion-resistant materials such as graphite or copper.

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Novotec provides EDM supplies and consumables: wire, electrodes, filters, resin, graphite, tubes, maintenance products and wear parts. Novotec designs, manufactures, stocks and sells high quality EDM products. ... The electrodes are available in graphite, copper, and copper tungsten.